Junily can help you at every stage of your academic journey.
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Junily is your all-in-one solution     that unlocks opportunities across thousands of programs in Canada.

all-in-one solution

With our solid experience and history of assisting students with successful admissions - now it's your time to get ACCEPTED. From finding the right program to receiving an acceptance letter, Junily is here to make it happen.


Our student counselling will be a perfect fit     if you are:

a perfect fit

Planning to study abroad and don't know where to start

Considering multiple careers, programs, and educational institutions

Want full and personalized college/university application support

Afraid of applying by yourself or hiring an unfaithful education agency

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to Start YOUR Education in CANADA

YOUR Education in CANADA

Fill out the online form, and we will help you find your dream program

Fill out the online form, and we will help you find your dream program
your dream program

Fill out a user-friendly online form following your preferences and aspirations. Our Success Assistants will analyze your inputs and share a personalized list of available programs and educational institutions that match your interests.

Connect with your Sucess Assitant to learn, discover, and unlock all Education ossibilities

unlock all Education possibilities

Application to your Canadian Dream program

We will connect you to a dedicated Success Assistant from Junily, your personal guide on this educational journey. You can explore, ask questions, and build a path to success. Through personalized support, you will eliminate all concerns and worries, as our team is here at every step of application.

Canadian Dream program
Get Acceptance Letter

Once you decide on your ideal program, your Success Assistant will help you with the application process. Junily team provides full application guidance, including preparing your application, gathering necessary documents, and ensuring a polished submission.

Upon receiving your Acceptance Letter, our support continues as we assist you in seamlessly transitioning to your new country and culture. With Junily, your journey with us extends beyond acceptance, ensuring your confident and successful start to academic life in Canada.

unlock all Education
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Get Your Complete College or University Admission Support —
     From Your First Call to the cceptance Letter

You are not alone in your college or university application process, in fact, our team will do all the hard work. Your personal Success Assitant will be in touch to help you discover all opportunities that Canadian Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs offer.
Get Your full application support and study at the finest Canadian education institutions - all with a fully personalized application experience.

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