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We guide students towards ideal career paths and match them with the finest Canadian education institutions - all in one app. With Junily, you can say goodbye to application worries and trust that your peace of mind is our main focus.

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Consultation with an Education Expert

Junily offers a comprehensive range of services dedicated to helping individuals like you unlock fantastic career opportunities and providing full guidance for your exciting educational journey in Canada. We are thrilled to connect with you and introduce you to what Junily delivers.

Whether you are considering studying abroad, navigating the application process, or have already submitted your application, Junily is your trusted resource for answers to all your questions.


Student Application Mentoring

Newcomer Student Settlement Assistance

Junily offers a comprehensive support system for international students seeking college and university admissions in Canada. Our personalized application process ensures a seamless journey from finding the ideal career to successful enrollment at the finest Canadian educational institutions.

Can you adapt to your new country in 1 week? No doubt you can! Junily's assistants will help you adjust to life in Canada, with our comprehensive support for newcomers, assisting with essential tasks and facilitating seamless integration into Canadian society. What may take months, Junily helps you accomplish in just a few days.