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Мы помогаем студентам определиться с карьерным путем и подбираем лучшие канадские учебные заведения — все в одном приложении.

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Discover how Junily can guide you in selecting the perfect career path and match it with the finest educational opportunities in Canada.

Learning English? Experience it in Canada!

With our extensive network of reputable language schools, we provide engaging opportunities tailored to your needs. Whether you're enhancing your language skills or looking for a summer camp experience. For students, unveil Pathway programs, unlocking direct routes to college and university admission—by passing IELTS, TOEFL, and Duolingo.

Graduating High School? Open study and work opportunities abroad!

Open a world of possibilities with access to THOUSANDS of programs offered by Canadian universities and colleges. Whether you're seeking higher studies or aiming to combine learning with practical experience, Junily is here to help. Your promising future with top Canadian education will set you for success around the globe.

Got your Degree? Master's or Ph.D. are waiting for you!

Postgraduate opportunities in Canada are limitless. Whether you're considering a certificate program at a college or aiming for a Master's or Ph.D. at a prestigious university, the power of choice is in your hands. Tailor your academic path to align with your aspirations and take a step closer to realizing your professional and personal goals.

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Fill out the online form, and we will help you find your dream program
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Fill out a user-friendly online form following your preferences and aspirations. Our Success Assistants will analyze your inputs and share a personalized list of available programs and educational institutions that match your interests.

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We will connect you to a dedicated Success Assistant from Junily, your personal guide on this educational journey. You can explore, ask questions, and build a path to success. Through personalized support, you will eliminate all concerns and worries, as our team is here at every step of application.

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Once you decide on your ideal program, your Success Assistant will help you with the application process. Junily team provides full application guidance, including preparing your application, gathering necessary documents, and ensuring a polished submission.

Upon receiving your Acceptance Letter, our support continues as we assist you in seamlessly transitioning to your new country and culture. With Junily, your journey with us extends beyond acceptance, ensuring your confident and successful start to academic life in Canada.

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